UX Techniques – Persona design and use

This UXDiscuss will look at Persona design and use. Discovering who our users really are is one of the most challenging tasks for a UX professional. Keeping those users in mind when designing an experience is even more complicated as we easily get influenced by our own opinions. Personas help us focus on the users we’re designing for, so how do we create personas with the right information that will add value to our process and not just steer us in the wrong direction?

The #uxdiscuss event will be held on 23th June 2016 (23/06/2016) at 1pm UK time (8am Eastern US).

The questions we will be discussing are:

  1. What are your tips for successful personas?
  2. How do you decide the amount of personas you will need?
  3. How do you avoid adding information that is of no value?

The questions will be posted to Twitter via @uxdiscuss using the hashtag #uxdiscuss and all you have to do is join in.

We look forward to seeing you then!