UX & Accessibility

This UXDiscuss will look at UX & Accessibility. UX is about considering the needs of users in general and accessibility is an important part of that experience. Being able to deliver a more complete experience to anyone regardless of difficulties or limitations. Trying to adhere to a good level of accessibility has many challenges and can easily be overlooked. How do you address accessibility on your projects?

The #uxdiscuss event will be held on 14th July 2016 (14/07/2016) at 1pm UK time (8am Eastern US).

The questions we will be discussing are:

  1. How much do you consider accessibility as part of your UX related work?
  2. What tools and resources do you find useful when considering accessibility?
  3. What examples have you seen of good, accessibility focused, UX?

The questions will be posted to Twitter via @uxdiscuss using the hashtag #uxdiscuss and all you have to do is join in.

We look forward to seeing you then!