User Story Mapping

This UXDiscuss will look at User Story Mapping. Working with multiple teams and competencies can be a complex task that can often lead to a confusing development process. User Story Mapping tries to bring some order to the chaos by laying out the story of the user in relation to the product, thus creating a coherent vision for multiple teams to follow. Putting together story maps can by very intricate and one can easily get lost in all the variables. What techniques and tools do you use to keep your story map focused on the objectives and make it easy for the team to follow?

The #uxdiscuss event will be held on 21th April 2016 (21/04/2016) at 1pm UK time (8am Eastern US).

The questions we will be discussing are:

  1. What challenges have you found when creating a #storymap?
  2. What techniques/tools do you use to help you lay out your #storymap?
  3. What examples of companies creating a coherent story in their products have you seen?

The questions will be posted to Twitter via @uxdiscuss using the hashtag #uxdiscuss and all you have to do is join in.

We look forward to seeing you then!